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Sparkling Dolphins Inn Kyoto

The extraordinary feeling of a lodge and the feeling of home in a hotel.

The greatest appeal of lodges and cottages is the extraordinary feeling of being away from the hustle and bustle.
What our lodge refers to is the "flow of time," "connection," and "warmth.
The living room on the first floor offers a relaxing atmosphere, while the 12 private rooms offer a sense of home where you can spend your time freely.

We also propose activities and ways to enjoy the area to the fullest, such as sightseeing and hidden gems that only Kyoto can offer.

rooms. 12

Facility floor number 5

​Maximum number  34

Rental vacation house (Up to 20 people)

From 90,000 yen

other services

Restaurant introduction

​Luggage Storage




Price per person (lowest)

From 7,000 yen

Room facilities

Free WiFi

air conditioner




Check in/out

IN  14:00

OUT  10:00

Use scene






Living room with mini kitchen can accommodate up to 24 people .

*we ask the representative to agree to the charter plan group terms of use.

* If you wish to use it with more than 21 people, there is an additional charge according to the number of people.

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