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Welcome to the chartered hotel.
​The smartest way to stay with a group.

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KASHIKIRI HOTEL offers charter hotels for up to 10 people.

Not suitable for other customers, perfect for infectious diseases.

Seminar trips, social circles, offline meetings, after-parties, etc.

For group travel, ​ As a charter, cottage, villa ​

Introducing a whole hotel charter.

You can proceed smoothly until you receive an estimate and make a reservation.


I want to rent a whole hotel in a good location.
And I want to keep costs down.



​We are preparing hotels with extremely convenient location conditions for sightseeing and transportation. A luxurious proposal for customers who want to rent out the entire hotel as a group. It is possible to keep the price reasonable.

I want a private room for myself.


I want to emphasize privacy when I sleep. We can meet the needs of those who need their own time, such as training. Recommended for those who want to combine group activities and private life.

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I want to hold other events in addition to staying at a banquet hall.


Not only for staying, we can also respond to requests such as banquet halls that you want to rent out. Please use it to make precious time with special friends in a special place.

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