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customer's voice

family gathering

(21 people from Kanagawa Prefecture, 2 nights)
I was looking for a place to get together as a family of 5 to celebrate my parents.

(From Kagoshima Prefecture, 23 people, 1 night)
Because there is a family wedding in Kyoto City and relatives gather together.

(18 people from Kyoto City, 2 nights)
I had a relaxing time with my distant relatives on New Year's Day.

gathering of friends

(21 people from Aichi Prefecture, 1 night)

Reunion with children of mom friends. I want to have fun like a school trip.

(Aichi Prefecture, 25 people, 1 night)

A gathering of social circles. I am happy to be able to make memories with a large number of people.

seminar trip etc.

(18 people from Okinawa Prefecture, 2 nights)
Traveling with university circle members. It was nice to be able to rent it out.
(26 people from Wakayama Prefecture, 1 night)
high school graduation trip Easy to visit Kyoto. Conveniently located near the supermarket!
(Chiba prefecture 22 people 2 nights)
I was looking for a place to do a training camp for my university seminar trip.

Used for company trips, etc.

(From France, 18 people, 3 nights)
A school trip to Japan. I want my students to experience Japanese style.
(Osaka prefecture 20 people 1 night)
Company trip. Because it can be reserved in a location where you can do sightseeing in Kyoto.

class reunion

(24 people from Kyoto city, 1 night)
A sleepover reunion with my college friends from all over the country.

(9 people from Tokyo, 1 night)
Fellowship. It was good that even 9 adults could reserve a private room.

study trip

(18 people from Fukuoka Prefecture, 2 nights)
I was looking for a place where I could hold workshops and seminars in a Japanese-style room.
(19 people from Hyogo Prefecture, 2 nights)
Used in after-school daycare programs where a large number of people can stay for sightseeing purposes.

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