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Access to all tourist spots in Kyoto is possible.
If you have trouble finding a sightseeing route, feel free to ask the staff.
​ Information on restaurants and experience services is also available.






Kiyomizu Temple


The cherry blossoms in the precincts in spring are mainly Yoshino cherry trees. The appearance of the main hall, which is colored with cherry blossoms, seen from Okunoin is truly a superb view. The cityscape of the ancient capital in spring overlooking the stage of Kiyomizu over the cherry blossoms. In addition, the illuminated cherry blossoms at night are fantastic and exceptionally beautiful.

In autumn, the spectacular autumn foliage of Kinunkei, a valley in the Otowa River basin below the cliffs of the main temple, is comparable to Takao on Kitayama, and is also called "New Takao." From "Kiyomizu Stage" you can see the whole city of Kyoto and enjoy maple trees along "Kinunkei".


Kinkakuji Temple


Kinkakuji is a Buddhist temple in Kyoto, Japan. Built in 1397, it is now a heavy building. It features a wooden three-storied pagoda and gorgeous gold leaf-painted buildings. In addition, Kinkakuji is one of Japan's leading tourist attractions, and many tourists visit every year.

​Yakiniku Kimura

Kimura's deliciousness is piled up ♪ Please eat up! !

"Kimura's Yakiniku Course" is a little different from others! !
Delicious yakiniku at a reasonable price♪ A private banquet for up to 40 people is possible.

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seasonal vegetables and fresh fish.

We have different courses for spring, summer, autumn and winter! Enjoy the seasonal vegetables grown on your own farm.

Kyoto Cuisine Gion Okuoka

We strive to create a space where you can comfortably enjoy Kyoto cuisine in a Kyoto-like townhouse-style restaurant with a view of the courtyard.

You can spend a delicious and enjoyable time with soymilk yudofu hotpot and earthen pot rice that makes the most of seasonal ingredients.

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